Pretziada Meets Dope Factory - "Dust, Blooms & Empty Spaces" Exhibition

Since Saturday 17 June, Dope Factory is hosting "Dust, Blooms & Empty Spaces - Unexpected moments and secret places that embody the spirit of the island” - a photographic exhibition dedicated to the details of Sardinia as seen by Pretziada.

Pretziada is an interdisciplinary project combining the worlds of journalism, design, craftsmanship and tourism. Founded by Ivano Atzori and Kyre Chenven in 2015, the base of the project is narration (words & pictures that portray the island in all its complexity). They also have created a small collection of objects inspired by traditional Sardinian crafts that are designed by international creatives and produced by local artisans. They live and work in a once-abandoned village in the south of Sardinia.

Here are some pictures of the inauguration party. The exhibition will be in store until the 20th of July.

If you’re in Sardinia, come to visit us!