Nike Air Trainer 1

"The equipment at the gym was black and white with green text. All of the colors the Trainer 1 featured came from gym equipment” Tinker Hatfield

The Nike Air Trainer 1 was born out of equal parts necessity and imagination. Prior to the shoe’s release in 1987, no multipurpose sneaker existed to satisfy the needs of Tinker Hatfield. The Nike designer grew tired of carrying a bag filled with multiple shoes to the gym for workouts where he would run, shoot hoops, lift weights, and play racquetball. Figuring other gym-goers shared his frustration, Hatfield decided to solve the problem by designing a model capable of whatever physical activities users desired.

Few Nike sneakers are regarded as highly as the Air Trainer 1. Although the shoes were globally introduced in 1987, the kicks could've just become another throwaway prototype had it not been for John McEnroe.

In 1986, the tennis legend was poised to make a comeback following the birth of his son and needed the right on-court performance shoe. When Nike sent him a package of kicks, he neglected all except for the Air Trainer 1 prototype, which Nike never expected to be released.